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How to see if LED lighting fixtures have stroboscopic

2019-05-22 17:31

How do you see the strobe of LED lighting fixtures? For a consumer, when purchasing LED lighting fixtures, it is difficult to find the presence of strobe through the naked eye. The lamps that are bought back in this way will not only fail to achieve the lighting effect, but will also cause damage to the human eye. Good products are worth everyone to spend, rather than spending money to bring an unsafe hidden danger home. Look at the LED illuminator whether there is strobe, you can look at it from three aspects, such as from the phone camera mode, from the illuminator of the luminaire, from the inside of the camera lens. It should be known that the strobe of LED lighting will have a very serious impact on the human eye, so it must be taken seriously.




1. Take out your phone and turn on the camera mode. The contrast between the ordinary fluorescent tube and the LED fluorescent tube under the camera can be more directly related to the strobe. You can use your camera or DV to try your energy-saving lamp and computer display to see if the strobe exists and whether it is affecting. What is your eyesight? If you don't have a DV at hand, we can use our smartphone to turn on the camera mode and point the lens at the light source. If the black shadow on the screen flashes up and down, it means that the luminaire does have a strobe. .




2. The lighting of LED lighting fixtures. The stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects are two mutually causal physical quantities for the magnitude of the electric light source, the fluctuation depth of the luminous flux, and the resulting harmful effects (called stroboscopic effects). Strobe is the depth at which the luminous flux of an electric source fluctuates. The greater the fluctuation of the luminous flux, the more severe the stroboscopic. The depth of fluctuation of the luminous flux of the electric light source is directly related to the technical quality of the electric light source.


3, check whether the picture in the lens appears to delete the grid, there is a strobe when there is a deletion.




Everyone knows that stroboscopic damage to the human eye is not a star and a half, so in order to be healthy for your eyes, you must choose the right product. The content of this article is simply introduced to you here, and there will be more exciting content for everyone to present. Interested friends are welcome to click here to view.


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